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Report your meter reading quickly and easily.

We will let you know when it’s time: you will receive a message regarding your annual meter reading by mail or digitally. You can send us your information conveniently online.

Where can I find my meter number and the meter reading?

To make your search as quick as possible, we have summarized the instructions for the most common devices for your information. This will help you to read the meter number and meter reading quickly.
Electricity meter
gas meter

1. Reading the electricity meter

Read off the meter level. In the examples, these have an orange border. Important: Only read off the numbers before the comma!

2. Record the meter number

Note down your meter number. In the examples, these have a red border. Important: Only read off the meter number up to the hyphen!
Single-rate meter
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Help us to conserve paper!

Would you prefer to receive the yearly request to read off your meter levels digitally rather than by mail in the future? Then please send us your email address along with your next meter reading and confirm your consent to “Reading confirmation via email”. We can only switch from paper to email once we have your consent. If you only share a mobile number with us, you will receive your request via SMS in the future.


The benefits for you:

  • Annual email with a direct link to meter reading
  • Default presets for your personal data such as meter number and address
  • Protects the environment thanks to reduced paper consumption
Report meter reading now

Do you have any questions?

We have answers to the most frequent questions associated with your yearly meter reading.

Why do I receive a notification for meter reading from my network operator once a year?

The only way to determine the actual consumption for your annual bill is by reading off the meter level. If we do not receive a current meter reading, your consumption will be estimated based on the existing values. Generally, we request your meter reading in a reading card that we send by mail, email or SMS. Then you can easily submit your meter reading to us online, by phone or in writing.

Why do I receive a notification about a meter reading when I change suppliers?

When you change suppliers, we need your meter reading as your network operator in order to calculate the network usage fees. We communicate these figures to your supplier, who then issues you a bill.

If we do not receive a meter reading by the date of the change, your consumption will be estimated.

Do I have to submit my meter reading if I move out?

If you move to a new residence or another city, please read off your current meter level and submit this to us. At the same time, you should deregister with your energy supplier. The benefits for you: You will only pay the energy consumption up until the date of deregistration.

What happens if I do not submit my meter reading on time?

If we do not receive your meter reading or we receive it outside of the deadline, your consumption will be estimated. Either your consumption from the previous billing year or reference values are used as a basis for this estimate.

What happens if my meter reading was only estimated and not read off for multiple years?

We will arrange an additional self-reading by the customer or a personal on-site reading if your consumption values were estimated over a long period of time. Meter reading also offers an advantage for you: by using measured values that are as precise as possible, you can control your consumption more closely.

A meter reader showed up at my home unannounced. Are they supposed to arrange an appointment with me in advance?

Generally, no appointments are arranged before a meter reading. Our meter readers make an initial reading attempt unannounced. If this is unsuccessful, they leave behind a card. After that, you have the option of submitting your meter reading by phone, keeping the suggested appointment or arranging a new appointment with the meter reader.

I have multiple meters. Why are my meters read off at different dates?

There are different reading periods stipulated for each meter. Therefore, if you have multiple meters, the dates may vary. When one of these dates is upcoming, you will receive another notification from us regarding your meter reading.

Gas consumption is measured in cubic meters m³. What units do I have to use when submitting my meter reading?

In the meter reading, you enter your consumption in m³ as indicated on the meter. In the bill you receive from us, we state your consumption in kWh.

How can I convert my gas consumption from cubic meters to kilowatt hours?

You can roughly convert cubic meters by multiplying the cubic meters consumed by a flat factor of 10. For example, if you read off your consumption as 2,000 cubic meters, this will give you a rough consumption of 20,000 kilowatt hours. For a precise conversion, you need the volume correction factor and the calorific value. We provide an explanation as well as information regarding how to determine the calorific value here.